Shibuya Modi believes.

As for child and adult and the man as for the woman,
When we have curiosity "that all people of the world want to know".

And when we were led to curiosity and came across new thing and thing,
When the life begins to glisten more and becomes wonderful.

We come across thing thing that person is new and widen ring of curiosity.
We whom there wants to be always in the center are Shibuya Modi.

Conventional commercial facilities provide Shibuya Modi
In addition to fashion, meal, service of "batter, meal, house" such as miscellaneous goods,
Thing that we sense bodily experience-based for customer participation
It is facility where contents that you can enjoy gathered.

We join new "thing" and "thing" together with customer,
We offer encounter to stimulate intellectual curiosity.
We bring about splendid experience and do every day of customer wealthily.
And customer shares the experience, and ring of curiosity spreads in sequence.
From place where curiosity gathers, new culture is born.

This is the future when Shibuya Modi wants to come out.
From Shibuya Modi from Shibuya, Shibuya to the world.

With wonderful every day with curiosity,
We send culture only by Shibuya whom curiosity produces.