Fleshy plant and life to spend

LIVE ITEM 2017.04.21


In late years fleshy plant which is popular among women as botanika ruins terrier.

Various fleshy plants did in allegory.

Fleshy plant of "cactus counselor's office" where it is often handled in the media that we introduce this time. There is farm in Gunma and seems to keep approximately 3,500 kinds of cactuses, fleshy plants.
Fleshy plants which we did in allegory are set to earthenware and antique container, and it is very wonderful botanika ruins terrier.
There can be little watering, and the feature of most of fleshy plants are one which does not take effort than general plant. We do, and it do not be good to present to friend, and ryo is product though we bring up by oneself.
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