iPhone digital camera? Case mounted with physical button!

LIVE ITEM 2018. 03.14


iPhone digital camera? Case mounted with physical button!

The biggest characteristic is physical shutter button of the patent acquisition.

"bitplay SNAP!"
Thing is natural to post photograph which we took on iPhone on Instagram and Facebook.
Quality of photograph which we already photographed on iPhone is the same level as digital camera.
iPhone accessories which can also clean photography on such iPhone more easily come up!
It is equipped with shutter button physically and enables photography like digital camera.
Besides, commencing with wide and looking into the distance, we are selling accessories such as large number of lenses or neck straps such as totally new CPL filters.
As there is iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus use for iPhone 8/7 in series of "8, as for the case, bitplay SNAP" is usable in own model as well as iPhone X use in total.
How about leaving unforgettable important moment using camera of of every day and iPhone which we often use most?