Hakusan earthenware stack stripe

LIVE ITEM 2017. 10.12


Caliber who is Japanese modern which it is easy to match with any dishes.

Ceramics brand "Hakusan earthenware" of Hasamiyaki setting up the head office in Nagasaki.
"Stack stripe" to introduce this time series since release of 1984
It is longtime seller product which has been loved for many years.
It is very simple design which only striped pattern was drawn on in the whole dish,
We are familiar with any dishes straight and are such a caliber enhancing good material.
As the four corners bend into all forms calmly,
There is security even if we pile thing with humidity to some extent.
We are glad microwave oven, that tableware washing machine is available.
As make dishes look fresh, of dining table
He/she will play an active part as "new constant seller".