Let's go out with "kireime shoes" like woman in autumn

WEAR ITEM 2017.09.13


Royal road-style to be able to wear casually

Surprising lightness

Basic lace-up plane toe which is usable in all seasons without choosing the scene in private for commuting.
It is great attention particularly from now on over autumn!
Add a feeling of moderate omission if you match dress-up shoes with coordinates that are konsaba◎
Stitch of feminine white and light, durable rubber sole comfortable to walk in are popular longtime seller products.
#SF370 women plane toe
KOLOR: Black, dark brown, blue
Size: 22.5-25.0cm
Tax-included price 11,880 yen (body price 11,000 yen)
★HARUTA Shibuya modi shop★
Do you not know size to fit oneself? To let last a long time; how?
The staff including art and care method of selection of shoes matching foot of visitor looks for favorite a little together. Leather shoes beginner waits for visit casually by all means, too!