Wing tip excellent at affinity with suit

WEAR ITEM 2017.09.14


"Representative of leather shoes" which we want to wear every day


Constant seller of traditional fashion featuring classical atmosphere, wing tip lace-up shoes.
We can direct impression that is simpler, and is stylish by removing medallion (hole decoration of tiptoe) of tiptoe part daringly, and vest matches business scene!
Upper which we finished in glossy leather with elegant glossiness is simple, and, roughness, there is also voluminous feel moderately.
Feelings of HARUTA where thin processing bottom superior in ablation resistance and water resistance pursues * kiyasusao.
#978 classical music wing tips
KOLOR: Black, dark brown, light brown
Size: 24.5-27.0cm
Tax-included price 17,064 yen (body price 15,800 yen)
★HARUTA Shibuya modi shop★
Do you not know size to fit oneself? To let last a long time; how?
The staff including art and care method of selection of shoes matching foot of visitor looks for favorite a little together. Leather shoes beginner waits for visit casually by all means, too!