About the use

Our website http://www.shibuya.m-modi.jp/ which AIM CREATE Co., Ltd. runs has you read the following Terms of Use before using, and I would like the use on the consent.

We call all directories included in the following domains and page "our site" as follows.

1.Copyright Policy
Information to offer in our site and copyright about design, photograph, sentence, image, music, picture included in service and advertisement belong to rightful claimant who detected use in in AIM CREATE Co., Ltd. or AIM CREATE Co., Ltd. Across range accepted by law including the personal use, we cannot use contents published in our site without permission.
2.Link policy
We manage website except our site linking in from our site or our site in responsibility of operator of each site and are run, and customer, please follow each Terms of Use when these sites are used.
In addition, AIM CREATE Co., Ltd. does not take responsibility about all damage that they occurred by these use again about website except our site.
3.About link setting
When you set link to our site, please contact. In addition, link to use without permission should prohibit registered trademark, design which we hold.
We always place information in our site with extreme caution, but do not completely guarantee these accuracy. We may change information placed in our site without notice by the situation. About any damage to occur, we do not take any responsibility by or customer not having been able to use that information of our website was used.
5.Privacy policy
Towards company which we provide high service that customer is satisfied with, and is trusted, we will promote legitimate and fair management. About the handling of information (called "personal information" as follows) about customer individual, we observe laws and ordinances, and it recognizes to be our social duty we handle appropriately, and to protect and will make all possible measures based on policy to raise below.
○About collection of personal information
We clarify purpose of collection, the use in duties as far as it is necessary and collect personal information to have you provide from customer after having obtained consent. Our main personal information to deal with is just what to give as follows. ・Information that is released to homepage and E-mail, information, other public who had you provide on the telephone
○About the use of personal information
We limit within the purpose that had customer agree after clear statement at the time of collection and use. Use purposes are as follows. ・Market research, questionary survey in business of business information, us by sending such as news of product information in our business, associated after-sale service, trade rag, printed matter in our business
○About appropriate management
Personal information of customer tries to always manage in latest and accurate state. In addition, we carry out safety measures to prevent unfair access, loss, leak. Our employee tries for confidentiality of personal information of customer with responsibility. We may be given duties to process of personal information that I took from customer in trust, but, in that case, protection of personal information chooses company planned enough and carries out necessary measures such as the contract conclusion of personal information protection.
○About proposal of sending cancellation such as e-mail magazines
We show around information to be useful for customer in e-mail magazines, but cope about proposal of cancellation from customer who does not come to want immediately.
○About (disclosure, correction, deletion) such as disclosure
When disclosure of your personal information is hoped for, customer copes after checking being the person based on our predetermined procedure immediately.
We change matter listed in our site without notice or it may be canceled. In addition, please obey it when instructions are listed in each page in our site.