Does it become dry skin by face-wash?

LIVE ITEM 2017.10.13


Only as for what you should review from face-wash!

How is face-wash of morning and evening?
・We wash without putting on face wash in hand, and beating
・It washes away with rather hot hot water well
・Do you not do ... to rub roughly, and to wash?
Possibly we cannot wash properly, and does it wash away skin to sebum to protect?
Skin troubles such as pimple, drying are given by the result.
We recommend milk cleanser of extreme popularity in LIVING NATURE.
Reason of extreme popularity is ...
1.Face-wash is W-free! As face wash, it is washed the face make last joke & at night in the morning
2.It is washing performance sticky \ moist / in being milk type
3.Manu Kach knee combination! As we fix state of skin, even sensitive skin, pimple skin, mixture skin is available.
4.Sebum to protect leaves skin and floats dirt and drops
When have use to massage, is washed; to sticky skin!
It was missing part, but is available with a limitation of amount about extreme popularity.
Please try at this opportunity.
Milk cleanser 100 ml 2.700 yen (tax-excluded)
There is the handling of type to bubble.
Forming cleanser 100 ml 2.700 yen (tax-excluded)