Hand cream which protects delicate hand skin [high penetration type]

LIVE ITEM 2017. 12.07


[news of reentry load]

Good hand cream of skin old acquaintance who was cheerful without being sticky ♪ On delicate hand skin which is easy to dry, nutrition which is rich in Manu Kach knee and Japanese larch penetrates quickly. We heal skin and can expect effect to give moisture. Macadamia nuts oil helping repair of skin keeps sebum and stratum corneum normally and improves wrinkle, slack of hand skin ☆Because we heal wound and can expect effect to raise skin original healing power, it is popular among that there are many beautician and florist, washing.
It was sold out, and nuisance had a seat every time, but became the re-arrival ♪ Early!
narisshinguhandokurimu 50 ml 2,400 yen (tax-excluded)