04/03 - 04/30


11Colors which draws my beauty

Shop where is specialized in ass Teague for a limited time opens in Shibuya MODI!
ASTIGU STAND kept all kinds, all colors, all size of plane stockings ass Teague
Beauty Stocking Shop.
#We present original goods when we have you soak ASTIGU and post on SNS.
Camera which can transform itself into forelock pattsunhea of manha Yuka by face recognition comes up.
Choose smoothie taking "beauty to want to become" in body,
Please find "beauty to want to become" of your leg.
11 colors of ass Teague who draw your beauty.
We choose with feeling and style of the day and will begin to walk saa!
Period 4/3.MON>>>4/30.SUN (in 4/3 from 17:00)
Time: From 11:00 to 21:00
Place: Shibuya modi 1F popup store