07/31 - 08/31
Snow cone of natural ice of "hyokatoko nijiiro"

Snow cone of natural ice of "hyokatoko nijiiro"

1F period-limited popup store 

2017.8.2 Wednesday ~31 Thursday 

■Peaceful noble demanded, too; "snow cone"
"We sharpen, and ice niamazura can enter, and it is described with nyu retaru by new bowl" (speak with a provincial accent) saying that we hung sweet vine (amakazura) which is kind of climbing plant to cut ice (in kezurihi, the sentence "ketsurihi") which sharpened ice with knife to metal container in The Pillow Book of Seishonagon in step of "thing named expectation" (refined thing, good thing) in the Heian era.
The time when there were not nuclear power generation, thermal power generation. Peaceful nobles take cool air in "ice" and are hot
We would survive summer.
■Well-established icehouse "ice shop Tokujiro" who follows from the early 1900s
In 2006 when Yoshishin Ryoji (the third generation) of ice shop which spread out in Nikko from 1912 was going to discontinue its business by the reason of advanced age, Yuichiro Yamamoto and friends succeeded. There was not relationship, but was not able to overlook that local race culture disappeared. Thereafter we raise signboard of "fourth generation Tokujiro".
<words of teaching of the third generation>
"Make the Japan's hardest ice!"
■With "only ice, but ice" "nature ice"
We start preparations in about December. We recruit Iwashimizu to septic tank by water supply pipe and, after sterilization, disinfection, produce
We pour into pond, and it is grown up to natural ice slowly by cold wave. (we sometimes break ice and, to see state, effect of ice, may remake from the beginning again.) Nature ice cut and brought down for approximately two weeks by volume of approximately 15 centimeters (approximately 800*450*150 millimeter) that, by the way, is constant that became thickness is stored in icehouse and is saved until shipment. We remove garbage and dust, snow, and everyday brisk management carries heavy ice cut and brought down other than need to icehouse and is accompanied by hard labor to bring up natural ice neatly. Influence of global warming becomes serious recently by temperature not falling enough, and rain of the depth of winters that there was not much and snow including moisture increasing before so that ice does not readily thicken.
... which waits for summer turn in sawdust of Nikko cedar calmly in ... now
We finish in discerning syrup of "hyokatoko nijiiro" to rare "nature ice"
Fragrance, coloring agent, all nonuse including preservatives.
It is article of gentle taste of nature enhancing texture of natural ice.