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1F period-limited shop 9.2 Saturday ~10 .15 Sunday 

It is founded in `86 Italy Elba. "LOCMAN" (LOCMAN)

Italian No. 1 brand, the landing in Japan

The 1960s when 1960 collection is said for most attractive ten years in history in Italy
It was modern and interpreted no feeling and it was pure and imaged at essential elegant line.
It is representative by everlasting masterpiece, movie "la Dolce Vita" of Federico Fellini
The 60s when sea urchin is splendid is revolution omotara in fashion as well as lifestyle
We did. Italy is full of energy and hope, and it is gone down by overflow, World War II
Young mosquito which it was adult as for children who saw caused pains, and strongly demanded stability and peace
Pull promised everlasting love and got married and became baby boom. Families increase; again of people
By originality and entrepreneurship, we bring up economy that dropped by war and are like magic
na time came. Fashion and technology of Italian-style are nari of the world
It was reduced drawing of the head. Wing of magnificent music such as "borare" (Nel Blu dipinto di Blu)
The cultural richness that was brought up by industry that grew up in ni riding, unprecedented level of Italy
Climate that to is comfortable is with attractive magnet to let you turn interest of tourist to this beautiful country
It is unique by designer, stylist of LOCMAN being extremely simple, and expressing
In expressing the times when we saw all noatatakasao implication attractively more than the time
We succeeded.
Variation has abundant 1960 Collection superior in cost performance, too.
suchi where case of elegant, slim line was polished by wide dial
We can choose ru or pink gold.
Two stitches, Small second and bi where GENDERless 41mm case is simple as for the function
gudeito indication, chronograph, three stitches (automatic), female oriented 32mm with date indication
We are available from two stitches of case. Various Kalla that strap matches KOLOR of dial
We have, and material is available from leather and fabric, too. As for the bracelet, adjustment is kan
We merely offered possible miranezemesshu and bellows which expanded and contracted. It becomes more than 800 ways
Please choose favorite type among abundant combination.