10/12 - 10/22
Shibuya fashion week 10.12 Thursday - 10.22 Sunday

Shibuya fashion week 10.12 Thursday - 10.22 Sunday

We are holding Shibuya fashion week!

Road fashion show that likened town to orchid way is held

●Town, Shibuya whom people of various nationality and generations gather and continue sending advanced and original culture, entertainment to.
In cut end, we get cooperation of the proper authority in conjunction with "Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO" which is one of world 5 large Collection and do hometown mall and large size road surface shop to nucleus and hold "fashion" becoming central axis of information dispatch of Shibuya for "Shibuya fashion week".
We tell about town which continues sending new fashion culture to concept in "MADE IN SHIBUYA", charm of Shibuya.
●In cooperation with the twelfth Shibuya music festival, red carpet only for 1st appears to Shibuya!
We hold road fashion show "SHIBUYA RUNWAY" which likened town to orchid way.
10.22 SUN 13:30 START
Bunkamura Street
*We may cancel event by circumstances such as weather. Specifically, please see official WEB.
●Shibuya fashion week INSTAGRAM CAMPAIGN
During campaign period, we respond in official Instagram for Shibuya fashion week, and we attach "#mysfw", and let's post photograph! From posted photograph, we present gift certificates for 10,000 yen of participation facility by lot!
■Theme: Favorite "Shibuya" of fashion, town, etc ... you
■Account official for Shibuya fashion week: shibuyafashionweek
[participation method]
1.We respond in official account (shibuyafashionweek).
2.We take a picture under the theme of fashion, town, favorite "Shibuya" of etc ... you.
3.We attach "#mysfw" and post photograph on Instagram.
※As for the details of campaign, please see official WEB for Shibuya fashion week.