Soliloquy of manager

WEAR EVENT 2018. 01.13


"Both clothes and kimono are same. Friend of the same clothing."

"Are that ..., kimono cold?"
It is question to be asked about well in season in the fall and winter when we wear kimono.
I answer in this way by all means.
"Do you not seem to change with iyaa ..., unreasonable clothes? Well, if we say forcibly outside foot is cold" (laugh)
There is much having image negatively for some reason to win, and to say saying "it is cold kimono = and is hot".
Most conversations are over here. In elevator, it is ... on the way to rest room.
No, no, but we want to actually tell more.
"Do you say to na ...? When because is not outside during such 1st, being has nothing to do with cold potato sho; as for when is.
I am in the room almost on both cold day and hot day. Well, even clothes are kimono if outside all the time, but either is cold, and may it be hot? (laugh)
Therefore we are not in need of with kimono particularly.
With kimono, there is train on both meal and rest room, too. There has been airplane with kimono if you like, too! Well, is it intense exercise that there is not? Still we have not played soccer with kimono.
Though it became long, we want to convey this this much.
It is not necessary to be seen with poor eyes particularly and does not have to be minded, and please handle me in the same way as time when you do not expect special service either and wear ... clothes.
So. When "kimono" says, "special feeling" leads for image.
"Is it e, kimono? What going to where" Then there is not, and person who does not seem to be isolated in person wearing clothes melting into daily life, and wears kimono may not be good even if.
Well, old Japanese was so.
Though is used like old Japan, and do not say ..., kimono is one of the fashions, too.
One of the wardrobes.
In that way we want to make the world that we can accept little by little.
All right, dressing is unexpectedly brief.
Kimono of photograph
・goshofu comes; texture 109,000 yen + tax
・Stiff obi 23,000 yen + tax
・Haori string 13,000 yen + tax
・Summer haori 79,000 yen + tax
It includes sewing charges