New sale! Herb Cody Al of Manu Kach knee

LIVE ITEM 2017.10.12


We mix with water and hot water!

Manu Kach knee Cody Al

"Manu Kach knee" joins herb Cody Al series of extreme popularity!
Much-talked-about Manu Kach knee 5% combination.
It is Cody Al who is unbearable for honey enthusiast.
Not only sweetness only for honey but also,
Ginger is combined with lemon by accent of taste!
Aftertaste is the finish clearly.
As for water and hot water, the percent carbonate,
Aspect characteristics are perfect in any at the rate of one!
In coming cold season, do you not warm relievedly at the end of day?
We are holding sampling party at store.
LOCKE'S & toe Lee 
Herb Cody Al Manu Kach knee 2,484 yen (tax-included)