Men's glen check set up

WEAR ITEM 2017.10.13


It is item of trendy glen check.

Set up using function material "TRABEST" with expression such as wool dough.
Comfort is good by 360-degree stretch, too and is most suitable for carrying around because it is wrinkle-resistant.
We adopt slightly shortish length, and of course jacket is finished in the first place to match casually to bithe rudder.
We garnish West with belt loop and rubber to pants and cope with the wide scene.
For wearing that is higher-grade in trendy glen plaid.

TRABEST check jacket
Product number: DR77-17N016
KOLOR: Gry Check
Size: 38 / 40
Price: 16,200 yen (tax-included)

TRABEST check trouser
Product number: DR77-14N011
KOLOR: Gry Check
Size: 38 / 40
Price: 9,180 yen (tax-included)